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Across several service touchpoints, 24/7, robust & well-tested systems earn impeccable trust for your business. Tentacle Tech helps companies navigate the digital transformation journey with a complete suite of engineering-driven QA solutions.

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Thought Leadership in technology and quality assurance do not happen overnight; they are earned through several man years of hand-on experience.

Complete range of Quality Engineering Solutions; Predictable customer experience. Trust earned through merit!

Discover a complete range of QA Engineering Solutions for your enterprise business; we are industry-agnostic.

Quality Assurance coupled with Technology & Engineering expertise! Explore our complete range of services

From Technology Consulting to building NextGen Business applications, our team excels in all flavours of technology, bringing over two decades’ experience in scripting enterprise success stories.

  • Application Testing (Agile/ DevOps)
  • Middleware Testing (API/ Micro Services)
  • Business Continuity Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Legacy Actualization & Transformation Testing
  • Mobility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Testing as a Service (TaaS)

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Explore a whole world of NextGen technology solutions that come with assured peace of mind.