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Idea-to-marketinnovation engine; a new model to identify & fund early startups!

At Tentacle Tech, we work extensively with startups, techpreneurs, innovators and product managers to get them into the best possible shape to give life to a potential disruptor idea.

The most important thing we do is work with startups on their ideas. We provide knowledge, people, infrastructure, mentoring and funding for ideas to flawlessly progress from scratch into marketable businesses.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that techpreneurs are most productive when they can spend all their time building on the idea. Our goal is to create an environment where innovators can focus exclusively on building products and talking to users. Everything else is taken care, seriously!

Let’s talk!, if you

(or) Reach us +60 3 2282 1541
  • Have an idea?
  • Want to discuss its efficacy?
  • Not sure if the idea is potential enough?
  • Want to know if the idea is already in the market?
  • Want to discuss product extensions, feature enhancements or market relevance?
  • Want to tap into seed funding?
  • Want the first set of customers/ users to launch your beta version?
  • Want a small team of high-end technocrats to support you on building the MVP?

We build Applications that offer premium Customer Experience to boost loyalty

From the

Innovation Brewery!

Market Actualization stage

Optimis – an Industrial AI venture that was launched in Nov 2020.
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Advanced GTM evaluation stage

A Video Analytics Startup
A VR startup aimed at the Oil & Gas industry
TripAdvisor+Instagram product

Idea stage

Mind, emotion, wellness - Product idea -Heart wellness


The best thing to do is to reach out to us immediately after you think of a novel product idea. The journey is simple after that.

We have a small team of highly competent, senior tech researchers who have led innovation teams in the past. We have a robust qualifying process that works in an unbiased manner to identify potentially strong product ideas. You, as a techpreneur, will enjoy total transparency to the evaluation process.

Yes, all engagement options are available; we are flexible. Our core intent is to ensure that all product ideas are objectively evaluated, and the best ones see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Not really! You can work with our R&D team and leverage all the available expertise to prepare your case.

We have an in-house team of statutory and legal experts who will help get all the paperwork in place before we hear your idea….and an NDA is the last thing you need to worry about!

Our focus is on innovation. As much as we are idea-agnostic, we are also sensitive about ventures that have an overlapping solution from a GTM parlance. Rest assured, you will be privy to the evaluation process and will have a definite say in decision-making.

Given the sheer number of ideas that we process, it will be very tough for our team to do a repeat evaluation. Sorry about that!

We prefer early-stage investments that come with an option to engage one-on-one with techpreneurs. Having said this, please get in touch with us and we promise an insightful evaluation of your venture.