Middleware Testing (API/ Micro Services)

At Tentacle Tech, we adopt a comprehensive approach that ensures high-quality APIs for successful digital transformation, DevOps and agile adoption.

Our API testing approach aims at testing each service and gradually building an end-to-end testing solution for the middleware stack leading to unbelievable cost savings through early defect detection and improved overall test execution.

Salient Highlights!

  • API Test automation solutions are driven by Tentacle Tech’s nimble testing tools, unified home-grown test platforms and a vibrant team of multi-cultural functional consultants who bring several years of experience
  • Our library of predictable & repeatable test assets, gathered over the years by working for major clients across Asia, enables faster testing in both traditional SOAP and modern API/Microservices based SOA architecture
  • Testing Center of Excellence that ensures testing resources are available all-round the year
  • All services are tied to an overarching digital transformation DNA that powers our CoE into continuous innovation

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