Business Continuity Testing

In today’s fast-paced world, Business-as-usual is non-negotiable. Validating super-critical business services that are delivered through multiple technology channels to customers, calls for expert handling. Our solutions cover the entire gamut of testing a business’ continuity and availability – people, systems, infrastructure, processes, environment, threats, risks, compliances, communication and security.

Salient Highlights!

  • We effectively cover all aspects of the client's critical businesses
  • We study and analyse impact to business, impact to employees, impact to customers and then define acceptable limits of resilience towards downtime, regulatory compliance, service denials and loss of credibility designing the total solution
  • We simulate failure scenarios, ensure scalability of testing infrastructure, integrate cyber security as part of the overall schema, validate and monitor customer experience and ensure data protection, privacy, and continuous monitoring of system assets.
  • Robust DR roadmaps for our customers are also part of our engagement model

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