Extended Teams & Knowledge Resources

People continue to be at the forefront of determining business success. We are a diverse team with unique opinions and perspectives. However, we stay united in our purpose, our strategy and our culture. We are driven by the power of technology to enable progress towards success. Our enterprise clients love us for our passion, our knowledge and our people-first attitude. We work in isolation, or join your team in your premises, or work closely with a geographically distributed team of project specialists who are united with a single vision of enabling our clients success.

Some of our recent people-first engagements include:

  • An 88-member dedicated team of process reengineering specialists for a multinational logistics company
  • An extended team of 320 members comprising of globally talented cloud migration specialists for a leading Malaysian Insurance major
  • A hybrid team comprising of 60 members (28 from our team, 15 from the client and rest from other partners) who are driving a legacy migration project for a leading Singaporean Bank
  • Resourcing a SAP HANA4 migration project with 18 domain specialists
  • A 15-member team driving enterprise learning and knowledge acquisition for a global retail player

Multi-cultural technocrats available on-demand

Flexible engagement options – remote dedicated facility, hybrid teams

Access to proprietary knowledge management repositories on the cloud

Adept with emerging technologies; backed by Tentacle Tech’s continuous learning academy

Innovation-driven recruitment engine that powers our “always available” people resources

Enjoy building extended teams on the go

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