Innovation Management

Technology Research &

We have continued to stay at the cutting edge of Technology
for a decade now. We look forward to promote innovation in the coming years!

In today’s globalized marketplace, obsolescence can occur in a matter of months! Technology Research and Innovation are necessary for your business in order to stay one step ahead of the competition

Our team of research specialists can handle the most difficult technology challenges and research assignments with their invaluable technical background to understand the complex issues facing these industries. Further, offering the right solution mix is a given!

We work with an array of Fortune technology companies. Our expertise lies in custom research, helping clients in new product development, product and pricing optimization, system integration, technology consulting and managed services.

Tentacle Tech’s Technology Advisory Team provides valuable insights for companies needing to understand business-to-business technology issues, as well as the concerns and motivations of decision makers and purchase influencers within organizations. The panel provides access to difficult-to-find solutions for complex challenges that today’s global businesses need.

At the minimum, we offer

  • In-depth assessment of emerging technologies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Iterative Proof-of-Concept development

Our customers have long relied on our technology expertise and look up to us for valuable guidance when making difficult product development investment decisions. Our work in this area goes far beyond the casual examination of available technology. At a minimum, this research includes the development of in-depth original content providing both professional opinions and the objective data behind them.

Where warranted, we even produce working models based on our research. The outcomes of these research efforts often provide clearly delineated alternatives for new product development or the refinement of existing products.