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Artificial intelligence

Machine learning is a very large field and goes way back. Originally, people were calling it “pattern recognition,” but the algorithms became much broader and much more sophisticated mathematically.

Information Security

Executive-level security professionals fear their organizations are not well positioned to respond to a cyber-attack, according to the results of a new poll from Deloitte.

Big data

Corporate data literacy is the ability of a company workforce to read, analyze, utilize for decisions and communicate data throughout the organization.

Innovation Management

If your job is to get your company, team, or community to innovate, you know how organizational forces can make it hard to even try something new.

Managed Services

It’s time for solution providers to embrace the digital world and rethink the way they look at power.

Big Data

A data lake can be a much more flexible repository than a data warehouse. Or it can be a trash dump that grows and grows.



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