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We offer complete software testing services for desktop and mobile applications. You further get the services of our dedicated QA specialists for your complex projects. Be assured, your project would be qualitatively strong enough to withstand the market competitions.

We are with you throughout your project cycle. We have more responsibilities than developing the desired solutions for your projects and other requirements. We see to it that your applications are quality-rimmed to escape future turbulences.

Quality Assurance Activities

We provide a set of activities in Software Quality Assurance (SQA) or simply QA, as it is more popularly known for ensuring quality in software engineering processes. It is this quality of the software products that enables them to stand the tough competitions. You really cannot compromise on that.

QA activities include:

  • Process Identification and implementation
  • Auditing
  • Training

The process identification and implementation opens doors for our Quality Assurance responsibilities:

  • Studying each process thoroughly to identify weaknesses
  • Working upon the weaknesses for improvement

The most common quality management standards – CMMI, Six Sigma, ISO 9000 and few others are considered for the creation of the software systems

The entire software development lifecycle comes under the purview of the Quality assurance checks with the objective of developing and maintaining the processes for meeting the end results of your business.

Software Testing

We own our processes. We see to it that they are qualified enough to pass test of bugs and unwanted situations to give you a qualitatively strong solution.

Our Software testing culture

Our testers observe the workings of the software and report the quality levels. They think of ways to break the software for the testing purposes and assume bugs and issues available while the software performs.

The aim here is not to destroy the software, rather it is to come up with ways and make the software efficient enough to break the bugs and other issues and come out successful while performing in actual conditions at the clients’ premises. The software is put to such tests before making a conscious decision with respect to its abilities to meet the demands of the client.

The testers communicate with the rest of the software development team along with the project managers. Changes in the software are then made in accordance with the suggestions by the testing team. Tests are carried out yet again before presenting the perfect solution for the clients’ requirements.